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Pack Sécurité


Safety first, so that the pirogue remains a pleasure!

This pack includes the elements that we believe are essential to take with you before each run:

- A Mocke safety vest (70 Newton)

- The personal beacon PLB1 OCEAN SIGNAL - manually activated emergency beacon, to be used in case of emergency at sea.

- A leash adapted to the practice of outrigger canoe.

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370,83 €

The MOCKE Safety vest: designed to be competitive at the highest level. Comfort and ease of movement are the key words...

High visibility for maximum safety.
Large front and rear pockets
Marries the shapes of the body.
Adjustable for a perfect fit.
Lightweight and quick drying.
ISO tested and approved.
Recommended by ICF (International Canoe Association).

The personal beacon PLB1 OCEAN SIGNAL: a manually activated emergency beacon, to be used in case of emergency at sea (also functional on land).

Small and light, the PLB1 beacon will not bother you and will always remain at hand in case of need. Waterproof up to 15 meters, however avoid prolonged submersions which could damage it.

Designed to be easy to use in any situation, its activation (possible with one hand) is done in 2 steps:

Deploy the antenna by pulling slightly on it.
Press the release button.
Directly connected to the Cospas Sarsat international search and rescue satellite network (free of charge). Once the beacon is activated, your coordinates are transmitted to local rescue teams. They will be kept informed of your position continuously. The beacon also transmits a 121.5 MHz radio guidance signal, allowing approaching rescue teams to find you more quickly.

Finally, the beacon has a high-intensity flashing light that makes it easier to locate you. 

Battery guaranteed 7 years. Works without subscription - a simple registration of the beacon with the competent authorities is enough! 

The leash: Urethane corkscrew rope to reduce clutter.

Length 40cm in normal position and 180 cm in traction position

High quality, patented Wichard carabiner. The carabiner makes it easy to quickly attach and detach the leash with the velcro in case the boat falls and overturns.

Simple Velcro with neoprene comfort lining.

Color available : Blue / Red